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Preparing for my first Art Fair

So it's been a while since the website launched and since then a few exciting things have happened which I thought would be worth sharing. I've been lucky enough to have been surrounded by some pretty great people over the past few years, who've always said to me that 'if you don't try, you'll never know'. Now I am someone who's very happy living within my own comfort zone and that does me alright. But since deciding to quit architecture I've been carefully planning my first step into the world of illustration - all I needed once the majority of the groundwork was done, was a gentle push. Luckily I have several people I know who were kind enough to push me (so this is an ode to you people).

As is normally the case with these things, everything seemed to happen simultaneously, which no amount of planning can prepare you for. Anyway, all within the space of three weeks I found a new job, launched a website, volunteered at an illustration fair and was selected to be part of a winter illustration fair! Quite the month in hindsight. Now that I sit here typing this, I'm in full swing in my new role and hastily preparing everything for my first art fair this December.

Now, about said art fair. This is a big one because I applied on a whim two days before the deadline having been aimlessly wondering through browsers one afternoon at work (previous job I might add). The House of Illustration run two yearly art fairs for illustrators to showcase their work at London's Central St Martins University building. It's an opportunity open to around 120 illustrators to set up stall for an afternoon and truly see how their work is received by the general public.

I applied in blind faith, hopeful that maybe, just maybe they'd be nice enough to let me exhibit... you know the rest. I'll be at the fair which is on Saturday 14th December between 11 - 5 selling some of my 'Small People Extraordinary Spaces' series along with some Christmas themed pieces (most of which will be brand new). Details of the event can be found in the link at the bottom of the blog.

Since this rather unexpected call up, I'm now fully immersed in creating new work and trying to source packaging, business cards, frames and most importantly a card reader (I'll also take cash). So if you're in the area and want to drop by, even if its just to say hello I would be ever so grateful.

We're currently just over a month out from the event and frankly I couldn't be more excited! Not only to be recognised in this respect, but to have the chance to exhibit alongside some amazing talent from across the country. Oh I didn't mention, the event is also free to attend! Hopefully this event can act as a springboard to my venture, but regardless of that it should be a wonderful day anyway.

Now I know I said I'd have a shop up and running soon, that will hopefully be launched around the time of the Winter Fair. Failing that, it'll probably be in the new year as I'm off over Christmas. But as always, if you can't wait for then feel free to get in touch and I'll deal with your request personally and in time for Christmas.

A final thank you to those mentioned at the top of the blog, plus a special mention to those who are sacrificing a Saturday in December to help out. Look forward to seeing you soon and thanks for your continued support!

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